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Stars of the Week – SMSC

Well done to our winners of the ‘Star of the Week’ award last week!  They have all worked exceptionally hard and we are really proud of their achievements – keep up the good work!

Sports Leaders – SMSC

Well done to our Sports Leaders who have now completed their training and are ready to use their newly acquired skills in their roles!

Year 1 – Maths

As mathematicians, Year 1 have explored doubles in different ways. We rolled dice to spot doubles. Then used cubes and magic mirrors. Then we used numicon to double the amount. #WhiteRoseMaths #practical

Year 1 – Art

The three little  pigs didn’t feel safe living in the same town as the wolf. Year 1 created a new land for the wolf to live in. Take a look at their excellent drawing skills.

Year 1 – English Writing

Year 1 had a visitor….It was the big bad wolf! We asked him some questions to investigate what happened with the three little pigs.


Well done to our latest recipients of pen licences!  Some children have moved up to having a level 4 or 5 pen and some have achieved level 3 after showing lots of dedication and hard work!  Keep it up!
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