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Year 5 – English Writing

Year 5 used role play to bring to life a conversation between King Prasutagus and his wife, Boudicca. They focused on the delivery of the King’s lines as he was dying, before brainstorming adverbs to describe how the King spoke. We think they did a fantastic job...

Year 2 – Geography

In Year 2, we have been learning about Madagascar. Did you know Madagascar is famous for it’s vanilla? It supplies 80% of the world’s natural vanilla! Here are some facts we have found out so far.

Year 4 – PSHE

Year 4 had a fantastic time visiting the Police museum when it came to school. We learnt all about how the police force uniform and equipment has changed over time and lots of facts about the Victorian era and how they laws and punishments changed since then for the...

Reception – Maths

This week, the children in Reception are learning all about counting, ordinality, cardinality and composition of numbers up to 6 through the White Rose Maths scheme and NCETM programme. They have really enjoyed exploring and making the number 6 in different...

Year 1 – English Writing

Year 1 children wrote a setting description for the land they designed. We were very impressed with the adjectives the children used. Well done Year 1!

Year 6 – English Writing

Year 6, have been working extremely hard during their English lessons this week. They have been trying to use ambitious vocabulary and different types of figurative language to describe a street scene during World War 2. We are delighted with their descriptions. Here...
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