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Year 1 – Art

Cinderella, you shall go to the ball! As artists, Year 1 used different techniques such as rolling, squeezing, pulling and pinching to make clay thumb pots for Cinderella so that she can keep her jewellery safe.

Year 3 – Art SMSC

This week Year 3 took part in an African dance session which was so much fun. We learnt lots of dance moves! We also experimented and practised using different types of brush strokes in Art. Our favourite was pointillism. #Art #AfricanDance #Dimensions

Year 4 – Art

For the website can you use this text instead: Year 4’ s Lightning Speed topic is coming to an end but before we finish we have researched the life of Joannes Gutenberg and here is what we found out: At the beginning of the 1400’s there were an estimated 1000 or so...

Year 5 – Art

Year 5 have been busy painting planets for the backdrop of their upcoming “Mission Control”  space performance. We can’t wait to see it all in action! Term 3

YR6 – Art

Year 6 Communication Unit – World of Bright Ideas Art – Work as a group to design a logo for your brand of greetings cards.
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