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Year 1 – English Writing

Year 1 children wrote a setting description for the land they designed. We were very impressed with the adjectives the children used. Well done Year 1!

Year 6 – English Writing

Year 6, have been working extremely hard during their English lessons this week. They have been trying to use ambitious vocabulary and different types of figurative language to describe a street scene during World War 2. We are delighted with their descriptions. Here...

Year 1 – English Writing

Year 1 had a visitor….It was the big bad wolf! We asked him some questions to investigate what happened with the three little pigs.

Year 1 – English Writing

This week, Year 1 used their senses to describe a candy house. We thought about the beautiful food we could see and all the beautiful smells. We used audio clips to help us develop our ideas about what we could hear. #description

Year 3 – English Writing

Year 3 have written some fabulous explanation texts in English based on the digestive system. We worked hard to make sure we presented our work neatly, had some scientific vocabulary and used the correct punctuation! #Grammasaurus #Science #DigestiveSystem

Year 2 – English Writing

This week, in English, we have been exploring the wonderful world of adverbs. We have been singing a song to help us to remember all the different types of adverbs. ‘Because you know it’s all about the verb, ’bout the...
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