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Year 3 – Maths

Year 3 have been focusing on multiplying and dividing. We’ve used counters to make groups and share amounts equally. We’re starting to get really confident with our 3, 4 and 8 times tables!  #Maths  #TTRockstars

Year 3 – Geography

In Geography, Year 3 have been working together to research the animals in the Big Five. They found out interesting facts about Elephants, Leopards, Lions, Rhinoceroses and Buffalo’s. #Dimensions #Geography #BigFive

Year 3 – SMSC

This week in year 3, the children had their first ‘Road Safety’ session. These were very useful as the children recapped road safety in class, followed by practising in a real life situation. They crossed different types of roads and responded very well to...

Year 3 – SMSC

Year 3 took part in a Diwali dance workshop this week. We learned lots of new dance moves and had fun retelling the story through dance. It was a brilliant way to end our day!

Year 3 – Art SMSC

This week Year 3 took part in an African dance session which was so much fun. We learnt lots of dance moves! We also experimented and practised using different types of brush strokes in Art. Our favourite was pointillism. #Art #AfricanDance #Dimensions

Year 3 – History

In History, Year 3 have been learning about animations. We learnt about the evolution of  Mickey Mouse and how the character has developed since 1928. We had to use our problem-solving skills to try and place the different Mickey’s on a timeline in the right order!...
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