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Year 5 – Science

This week, Year 5 conducted an investigation to see which material would be the best thermal insulator for a drinks cup. They tested three different materials and completed a table of data before creating a digital line graph to display the results in a different way....

Year 5 – Design Technology

Year 5 have been researching different Native American tribes and looked at dream catchers. They learned about how the Native Americans believe it protects the sleeper from evil spirits. Here they have designed some of their own dream catchers #dimensionscurriculum...

Year 5 – PE

Last Week, Year 5 have been practising their dancing in PE! They made up a routine using “Dance by Chance” where different actions are assigned to random numbers. Then we focussed on the dynamics of the routine....

Year 5

This week, in year 5, we learnt about the five different days of Diwali and added to our blogs on Purple Mash. We also had a great time at our Diwali party at the end of the day and won some prizes.

Year 5 – DT

We have had a lovely but busy week in Year 5. We have been designing and putting together our own props for our upcoming Musical next term. Any guesses what it will be about?

Year 5 – Art

Year 5 have been busy painting planets for the backdrop of their upcoming “Mission Control”  space performance. We can’t wait to see it all in action! Term 3
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