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Year 3 – DT

This week we have been busy designing and starting the making process of a 3D mask of one of the Big 5 in Africa – a lion, inspired by Julie Taymor. We created papier mache using balloons, PVA glue and lots of newspaper. It got very messy!

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Year 5 – Design Technology

This week, Year 5 have really enjoyed their DT lessons. They designed their own models of a Golden Bridge, taking inspiration from local bridges and then built them using lollypop sticks, wood and string. The best part was using a saw to cut the wood down to the right measurements and using the glue guns!

Year 2 – Design Technology

This week, Year 2 enjoyed learning about inspirational people. They focused on Michael Jordan and how he persevered to pursue his dream of becoming an amazing basketball player. They also created their very own trainer designs to reflect his achievements.

Year 2 also worked hard to practise their assembly and gave a wonderful performance.

Year 5 – Design Technology

Year 5 have been researching different Native American tribes and looked at dream catchers. They learned about how the Native Americans believe it protects the sleeper from evil spirits. Here they have designed some of their own dream catchers #dimensionscurriculum #dreamcatchers

Year 5 – DT

We have had a lovely but busy week in Year 5. We have been designing and putting together our own props for our upcoming Musical next term.
Any guesses what it will be about?

Year 6 – DT

Sequoia class have really enjoyed using their creativity when designing and making their own greeting cards this week as part of their Design and Technology lessons.

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