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Year 6 – Geography

As Geographers, Year 6 used our atlas skills to locate physical features of the UK and located the tallest mountains in the 4 countries. We then located mountains from across the world. To help us visualise their size, we used cubes and noticed that the mountains in the UK are actually quite small! #geography

Year 2 – Geography

As part of our four seasons project, Year 2 have created snowflakes using a collection of winter treasures they found in the school playground.

Reception – Geography

Happy New Year from Reception! We have enjoyed being back and celebrating the new year.

We have been busy this week designing our calendars for 2024 and discussing the different seasons we have in the year.
We also checked out our amazing new poster in the corridor, which shows us the map of the United Kingdom and some landmarks within our city of Bradford.

Year 3 – Geography

In Geography, Year 3 have been working together to research the animals in the Big Five. They found out interesting facts about Elephants, Leopards, Lions, Rhinoceroses and Buffalo’s. #Dimensions #Geography #BigFive

Year 2 – Geography

This week, Year 2 have enjoyed learning about the Autumn season. They spent time outdoors identifying Evergreen and Deciduous trees as well as collecting pinecones and a variety of leaves. Back in class, they used what they had collected to create some beautiful natural pictures.

Year 4 – Geography

In our Geography theme unit, Window of the world, Year 4 have been learning about imported products to the UK. We labelled the world map with specific countries first and then researched countries around the world that import different food items to us.

Year 1 – Geography

As geographers, Year 1 used different objects to make messy maps. They created an aerial plan of their classroom so they had to imagine that they were looking at it from above, like a bird!

Year 2 – Geography

This week, Year 2 have enjoyed using atlases to locate  the four countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities. They were surprised to find out that each country had its own flag.

They also wrote some wonderful character descriptions of Paddington Bear.

Year 4 – Geography

This week, children in year 4 have been learning about human geography and the different types of settlements, including rural and urban areas. In addition to this, children have been learning about how food is distributed around the world and the meaning of economic activity, exporting goods and importing goods. They have learnt lots of new vocabulary and definitions. They have really enjoyed conducting their own research to find out new information.

Year 2 – Geography – RE

This week Year 2 have enjoyed learning about the different Continents and Oceans around the world. They were surprised at how large Asia was compared to Europe. They have also been busy participating in a dance workshop.

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