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Year 2 – History

Year 2 have been learning about slavery and have written a letter to a novelist asking for help to abolish slavery.

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Year 6 – History

Year 6 enjoyed looking at Mrs Cockroft’s artefacts to help them understand what life was like during World War 2. They looked at her grandad’s war medals and learned about the ship he was on that was bombed by the Nazi’s in 1940. The Lancastria was the worst maritime disaster in British history, but Winston Churchill didn’t want the public to know about it at the time. #RMSLancastria #Year6 #History

Year 4 – History

This week, Year 4 have been looking at the history of slavery. We started by looking at what slavery is and some of the reasons behind it. The children created posters to show this.


Year 6 – History

As part of our Time Team unit, Year 6 have been looking at landmarks in our local area to see how they have changed. We’ve studied maps to see how Great Horton has grown and looked at the school log books to see how school has changed over the years. #DimensionsCC #Year6

Year 3 – History

In History, Year 3 have been learning about animations. We learnt about the evolution of  Mickey Mouse and how the character has developed since 1928. We had to use our problem-solving skills to try and place the different Mickey’s on a timeline in the right order! #Dimensions

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