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by Thu,Oct,2022

Rowan: Week Commencing 16th January

In history we learned about the significance of the paperclip during WW2 and its links to Norwegian students who wore them as a symbol of resistance in the fight against Anti-semitism. Inspired by this we created our own wire sculptures using garden wire. It was very fiddly but we had lots of fun! @DimensionsCC #Year 6

Rowan: Week Commencing 9th January

Year 6 had a visit from Bradford’s Road Safety Team this morning. We learned how to stay safe on the roads, especially with their transition to secondary school coming up. We also learned about the app ‘what3words’ and the emergency number 112 that you can use to help first responders locate you if you are unsure where you are. #Year6 #RoadSafety #what3words #112

Rowan: Week Commencing 3rd January

We have had lots of fun using Blooket to help us with our research on Nelson Mandela. The quizzes have really helped us remember key facts about his life ready for our biography writing. Thanks @ICT_MrP for the recommendation. Our favourite game is Crypto Hack!

Rowan: Week Commencing 12th December

We explored the outdoors this week and made sketches of living things to help us with our classification unit in Science. We made sketches and made field notes like Charles Darwin. We made observations about how we thought different seeds were dispersed when some got stuck to our clothes #DimensionCC #Year6


Rowan: Week Commencing 5th December

We have had lots of fun in Rowan class this week making our own talking GIFs using the Chatterpix kids app. We made animals that explained how they are adapted to live in extreme environments and are looking forward to trying to include them in short video clips next week #DimensionsCC @ICT_MrP

Rowan: Week Commencing 30th November

Playing games in English! Rolling the dice to help us decide what type of openers to use. We then applied the different openers to our writing. Well done to Ali, Samaarah and Amna who were chosen to take their work to Miss Mir. She was very impressed!

#education #learning



Pen Licence

Amaya has successfully moved to Level 2 on our handwriting progression ladder – well done!  It won’t be too long now until she moves up to the next rung of the ladder!  Keep it up!

Pen Licence

Well done Zakariya and Maryam! Zak has achieved his Level 4 pen licence while Maryam has achieved Level 3.  Both have worked incredibly hard to improve their handwriting and we are very proud of their achievements – congratulations!

Pen Licence

Congratulations Ayana and Dawood for achieving Level 3 and 4 respectively on our handwriting progression system.  Both have beautiful handwriting and take real pride in the presentation of their work!  Well done!

Pen Licence

Well done to Isra, Ayaan and Arabella all of whom have been working incredibly hard with their handwriting and have now reached level 2 on our handwriting progression system – the advanced pencil!  It won’t be too long now before they get their pen licence’s – keep up the good work!

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