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Year 5 – Science

This week, Year 5 conducted a science investigation to determine which exercise has the greatest impact on our heart rates. Our scientists were thorough in ensuring it was a fair test and even used stethoscopes to measure their pulses, before creating a digital line graph using Purple Mash! #dimensionscc #scientists #investigations

Year 6 – Science

As scientists, Year 6 investigated which ‘beaks’ are best adapted to pick up different types of ‘seeds’ this week, linked to our work on evolution and inheritance. The investigation was great fun and helped us understand how Darwin came to his conclusions. #Grammarsaurus #year6 #science

Yr 5 – Science

Have you ever wondered what flows through your veins?  Budding scientists took over Year 5 this week and created blood samples to find out about the different components in our blood.  Make sure you stop and ask the children in Aspen or Beech who will be able to tell you all about each component and its unique feature!

Year 4 – Science

This week, Year 4 have been learning about light and shadows in Science. They used mirrors to to explore reflections through different activities.

Year 3 – Science

This week, in Willow class, we having been looking at the different types of teeth and how they differ from each other. We have learned how many teeth children have and how that changes when they become adults. We have even made models of the mouth and teeth using marshmallows!

#Year3  #Teeth  #Healthy  #DimensionsCurriculum

Year 4 – Science

In Science, we have been looking at light and shadows. We learnt that light only travels in straight lines and a shadow is made when an object blocks the light. Children investigated which objects make the best shadow. They used a variety of translucent, opaque and transparent  objects and a torch.

Nursery – Science

Last week, in Nursery we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We learned about the different foods from the story and talked about healthy and foods which can be unhealthy if we eat them too much. We had a go at sorting the foods into two groups. At snack time, Miss Bulmer brought us lots of different fruits to try, like the caterpillar in our story. We talked about which fruits we liked and which fruits we didn’t like. We liked the strawberries best!

@DimensionsCC @EricCarle

Year 3 – Science

Year 3 have been exploring the digestive system in our science lessons. We observed how the human digestive system works through re-creating the process ourselves. We worked together to make sure the waste products from ‘the body’ left successfully! #Science #DigestiveSystem

Year 4 – Science

Year 4 have been learning about Light in their Science lessons. They learnt what light is and how we get light. Then, they sorted out objects into categories of objects that emit or do not emit light.

Year 5 – Science

This week, Year 5 conducted an investigation to see which material would be the best thermal insulator for a drinks cup. They tested three different materials and completed a table of data before creating a digital line graph to display the results in a different way. We don’t want to give the results away… you will need to read the data for yourself!

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